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Davison Veterinary Hospital is now Davison Veterinary Integrated Care!


In my effort to provide my patients with the highest quality integrated veterinary care while continuing to fostering an environment devoted to the human-animal experience I have made a personal decision to evolve the practice name.

I am dropping the "Hospital" in order to be more in line with the integrated care and services I provide vs the antiquated idea of a "veterinary hospital "that only offers drugs and surgery.

The changes you will start to see on signage, letterhead, webpage and other media will be "Davison Veterinary Integrated Care".

I hope you take comfort in knowing neither I nor my wonderful talented staff are going anywhere and the care you currently receive will not change. I have not fallen to a corporate entity which is the current culture in veterinary medicine.

My unending passion for the health and well-being of my patients by offering conventional and alternative health care options has not altered. As a steward of the human-animal bond, Davison Veterinary Integrated Care will continue to provide a safe, fear-free environment for all companion animals and their caregivers while providing the highest quality integrated veterinary medicine I can.

This is my pledge to you for the honor of being your veterinarian.

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