Does Your Pet Need a Spa Day?

Book a pet grooming appointment in Davison, MI

Is it time to schedule pet grooming for your cat or dog in Davison, MI? If your pet needs to be groomed, book an appointment at Davison Veterinary Integrated Care now. Our cat and dog groomer, Sarah, can give your pet a great haircut.

Think you can wait a few weeks before bringing in your pet? You should bring your pet in for grooming when:

  • Long fur falls into their eyes
  • Fur growth prevents them from grooming themselves properly
  • They need their thick or long fur thinned for the summer

Once we're through, you'll be able to see your cute buddy's eyes again. Plus, they'll feel cleaner and more comfortable.

How to arrange for pet grooming

How to arrange for pet grooming

Call 810-653-4108 today to schedule a pet grooming appointment. You can bring your cat or dog to our groomer Monday through Friday.

You can also take advantage of a 20% discount on your first cat or dog grooming appointment. You can also benefit from our rewards program, in which you receive a free appointment after every 10 appointments you complete. We'll keep your pet's coat in great shape for an affordable price.