Choose Holistic Health Care for Your Pet with Davison Veterinary Integrated Care

Visit an animal hospital with inclusive services in Davison, MI

Your pet is one of your favorite companions. Your cat or dog gives you affection, playtime and unconditional love.

Davison Veterinary Integrated Care understands how much your pet means to you. That's why we strive to provide excellent, holistic care at our animal hospital in Davison, MI. We work with cats and dogs. You can come to our animal hospital for both standard veterinary services and superb alternative treatments.

Routine Services

Check out the routine services that our veterinarian provides.

Routine Services


Read about the history and practice of acupuncture for pets.


Laser Therapy

Investigate laser therapy, a unique procedure for your cat or dog.

Laser Therapy


Learn how to book professional pet grooming for your pet.


Learn what we can do for your pet

You can schedule an appointment with our veterinarian, Dr. Sovey, and staff for traditional, routine veterinary hospital services. Our routine services include administering vaccines, microchipping and testing for heart worm. To arrange for an appointment, call 810-653-4108 now. We offer affordable appointments, including discounts for members of the military, to help you get veterinary care for your pet.

You can also book pet grooming appointments with us. We host a cat and dog groomer, Sarah, every Monday through Friday.

Additionally, you can choose alternative treatments offered by our veterinarian. The alternative treatments available at our animal hospital include:




Herbal therapy


Traditional Chinese veterinary food therapy


Laser therapy

Consult a veterinary hospital staff member to learn more about any of these. We'll help you understand how we use traditional techniques and modern technology in each service, from acupuncture for pets to laser therapy. You can trust us to inform you about each treatment.

Why should you reach out to us?

You should contact us because we'll provide your pet with veterinary services and holistic wellness treatments. We'll help you explore a new range of traditional and modern treatment options for your feline or canine friend. With more than five years of serving the Genesee County, MI area, we have the experience needed to provide high-quality treatment options and dependable service. Contact us today to set up your pet's first appointment.

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