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Let us pamper your precious pet!

No matter how much time your furry family member spends cleaning themself, they may still
need some help in the grooming department.

From baths and haircuts to nail trims and ear cleaning, professional grooming services are about more than just keeping dogs and cats looking their best. These (and other) services keep pets feeling their best by removing excess fur, preventing or removing knots/mats, maintaining appropriate claw length, and much more. Keeping up with your companion’s grooming needs is part of being a loving pet parent. And when your furry friend needs some TLC, we’re here to help! We offer standard grooming services as well as medicated grooming and are here to care for your beloved companion. 

At Davison Vet Integrated Care, our professional groomer, Sarah, provides pet grooming in Davison to meet your dog or cat’s needs. With her help, your pet will look and feel their absolute best. 

How to Tell Your Pet Needs Professional Grooming

Some pets have more intensive grooming needs than others. However, nearly every dog or cat benefits from at least occasional professional grooming. Asking Dr. Sovey about your pet’s grooming needs is a great place to start when it comes to determining when they need to be groomed. There are also a few signs that indicate it’s time to bring your pet in for some professional pampering: 
  • Excessive fur growth that prohibits self-grooming 
  • Long or ingrown nails 
  • Knots or mats 
  • Hair that falls in their eyes 
  • Dirty sanitary areas 
  • Frequent scratching or chewing 
  • Unpleasant odor
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Pet Grooming in Davison

For pet grooming in Davison, look no further than Davison Vet Integrated Care. We provide a variety of expert grooming services and always treat our guests with the utmost care, respect, and gentleness. Please call now to learn more about our grooming services or schedule an appointment. 

Davison Vet Integrated Care provides standard and medicated pet grooming for dogs and cats in Davison, Flint, Burton, Lapeer, Elba, and the surrounding areas. 
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